Creative Studios for Photography
in Guangzhou and Ho Chi Minh City

We create product photography and videography in Guangzhou and Ho Chi Minh City and offer marketing services globally.

Our complete range of services includes ecommerce product photography, together with visual marketing content for consumer goods. We cater to factories, retailers, and brands operating in or partnering with China, and Vietnam.

With our know-how and support, we elevate your online and offline presence, driving success in a competitive market.

High quality visual content
for ecommerce platforms and digital marketing

Experience exceptional high-quality visual content for ecommerce platforms and Digital Marketing with our Marketing Photography in Guangzhou and Ho Chi Minh City.

At MBloq Creative Studios, we specialize in crafting outstanding visuals for digital advertising and e-commerce platforms. From Amazon product photography to product videography, our images boost your brand’s appeal.

Elevate your online presence with charming content material that leaves a long-lasting influence.

White Background Product Photography

Strong foundations are the key to lasting structures. Let’s start there.

We specialize in white background product photography, perfect for Amazon product listings and ecommerce websites. Our expert photographers in Guangzhou, China create sharp, high-quality product shots from every angle. With expert lighting and studio setup, we make sure your products shine against a clean, white background.

Bring your ecommerce projects to life with our premium white background product photography services in China and Vietnam.

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360 Product Photography

Embrace the Future with 360 Product Photography!

Engage your customers with interactive and immersive product views, showcasing every angle.

Boost attention and sales with this cutting-edge technique for your Amazon and ecommerce websites.

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Stop Motion

Turn your product 360 photography into engaging Stop Motion videos.

Enhance your Amazon or ecommerce shop with engaging visual demonstrations that simplify complex product features. Explore the power of Stop Motion to make learning about your products enjoyable and easy.

Reach out to us in Guangzhou, China, for professional product photography and videography that sets you apart.

Lifestyle Composition

We shoot your product, and place it into a real life environment picked from the world’s largest libraries of stock images. So realistically, even we confuse it for real sometimes.

Unlock countless lifestyle possibilities at an affordable price. Elevate your Amazon or e-commerce listings with our professional photo retouching and editing services.

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Simplify complexity with captivating infographics.

Our designers combine images, graphics, and text to create visually compelling graphics that highlight your product’s features and benefits. Perfect for building brand awareness, driving website traffic, and educating your customers.

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Commercial or instruction video

Commercial-style videos that showcase your products in action, perfect for (social) media posts, installation instructions or (periodic) advertisement.

By providing clear and comprehensive demonstration videos you increase customer engagement, build trust, reduce returns and complaints, and therefore unburden customer service.

Reach out to us in Guangzhou and Ho Chi Minh City for professional product photography and videography that sets you apart.

Photos Editing & Retouching

Enhance your product’s look with our image retouching services.

From simple cleanup to complex retouching and editing. We make your products ready for the red carpet.

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High quality visual content
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Creative Studios in 3 countries

We create Marketing Product Photography and Videography from our studios in Guangzhou (China), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), and Athens (Greece). With our studios near your factories, we save you time, resources and money.

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For Marketing Photography, videography, media content creation, and trade support in Guangzhou and Ho Chi Minh City, contact us to learn how we support you! More info

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