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Ready to make your products shine? Our experts 360 Product Photography in Guangzhou can help you do just that.

Explore an in-store experience with our professional Amazon product photography and ecommerce product photography services in Guangzhou. 360 product photography allows you to interact with products like never before. With a simple click and drag, you can rotate, view from any angle, and zoom in on any detail.

Our product photography studio in Guangzhou specializes in various types of product photography, including 360 product photography. To create this immersive experience, we shoot a complete set of images while rotating the product. We use advanced lighting and background techniques to ensure optimal results for your Amazon FBA photography and ecommerce photography projects.

Once all the product images are captured, we edit and compose them into a dynamic, animated spin that shows your product from every angle. This unique style of product photography is a powerful addition to your digital portfolio and an invaluable asset for your online business.

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How to use 360 Product Photography
on your website?

  1. Get an HTML code you can embed into your website easily, and your interactive spin is hosted by us
  2. Use a third-party 360 viewer. We will recommend you few options.
  3. We can deliver your 360 spin in MP4 format which you can upload to any platform, the same way as you upload a photo.

Enhancing 360 Product Photography: Smoother Animation with More Frames

16 frames

360 Product Photography Spin in Guangzhou: Showcase Your Products from Every Angle

36 frames

Interactive 360 Product Photography Display in Guangzhou

72 frames

360-Degree Product Visualization in Guangzhou: Explore Products with a Spin

Our 360 Spin Product Photography

Our prices are based on the number of images (frames) used. More frames mean a smoother spin:

  • 36 frames: The least suggested number of frames
  • 72 frames and up: Smoother, less choppy spin
  • Twin-axis 128 frames: Both side and up/down spin
  • Interactive spin: Control rotation by mouse drag

Notice: the maximum product size we can shoot in a 360 spin is 50cm*50cm*70cm (L*W*D) and the weight cannot exceed 20kg.

Twin-Axis – 128 frames

Our Product Photography Packages
for your ecommerce wesbites

We can deliver your images in the dimensions you need.
Whether it’s a banner, a social post, or an ad.
All images and 360 spins are ready to use.

Basic Commercial Pack XL

Increase your conversion rate with additional visual content to show all the details of your great product:

  • 5 white background photos
  • 1 infographic with detailed shots
  • 1 lifestyle compositions
  • A 360 Spin Product Photography video

Special Commercial Pack XL

Sales booster with a whopping total of 11 images! With this package, your product outshines any competition:

  • 7 white background photos 
  • 2 infographics with detailed shots
  • 2 lifestyle compositions

What are the benefits of
360 spin product photography?

In-store product experience

360 degree product photography is currently one of the most powerful promotional tools, allowing your products to be viewed as if the shopper is in a store

Prevent sales returns

Informing your shoppers by showing all possible angles and details of your items will reduce the product return rate considerably.

Visual attraction

Simple product images don’t attract shoppers the way an in-store experience can. A 360 degree image is an animated object on your screen, which instinctively is caught by your page viewer’s eyes

Brand recognition

Creates a professional look that makes visitors feel confident in placing an order. Your elaborate method of showcasing is key in their connection with your products and you as a vendor.

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